15 Pics That Prove Prince Harry & Kate Middleton Are Total BFFs

Prince Harry Kate Middleton

Prince Harry may be the wild card of the royal family, but he's also a ton of fun. Just ask his sister-in-law Kate Middleton. When Prince William's not available, or when the princess needs a comedy break, she calls Harry. Who wouldn't want Harry to be their royal bestie? Kate does, as is apparent to anyone who sees the two of them together. Check out these photos -- we think anyone would agree that the two of them are the best of buds!


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Harry, Harry, Harry -- we do love a bad boy. But not only is this naughty royal a ton of fun to look at, he also has the best sense of humor. And lucky for Kate, she gets to share a quick laugh with her brother-in-law every once and a while when the queen isn't looking! Someone has to break the tension when there is a ceremony going on and everyone else is so serious. And Harry is just the right person to do that -- he always can sneak a quick quip into the conversation and get Kate rolling. No wonder the two have built a quick and easy friendship -- certainly a necessity when spending so much time together. No need to worry though, William. These two are truly just the best of friends! 

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