Queen Elizabeth Is Reportedly Angry That the Middletons Are Taking Over Christmas

The Duchess of Cambridge and her family plan on doing Christmas their way -- and someone is not happy about that. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly furious that Kate and Carole Middleton are taking over Christmas and feels the royals have been snubbed so that the Middleton family can host a commoner/middle class holiday.


Kate and Prince William are apparently looking forward to another year of Christmas celebrations at Anmer Hall, their country estate. Last year, the royal couple broke tradition by hosting dinner at their place after attending a church service with the Queen. She wasn't thrilled about that, and rumor has it Kate, Carole, and her family plan on yet again celebrating the holiday together at Anmer Hall -- and Queen E. is livid.

Royal tradition dictates that Christmas dinner should take place at the Queen's estate. Of course, it's not unusual for young couples who have little children to request that they be allowed to hold the party at their home — many parents feel it's a lot more practical for babies and toddlers to be close to their beds and belongings -- but I guess royals do things a bit differently and the Queen is always going to be ... well, the Queen bee.

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Queen Elizabeth's fury isn't simply the result of having to leave her estate and dine at her grandson's house. Rumor has it the Middleton's involvement in the holiday really has her pearls tied in a knot. Carole has reportedly been cut off from most royal activities, but that hasn't stopped her from giving interviews in which she revealed she is going to give Prince George and Princess Charlotte a grounded DIY Christmas filled with crafts and baking. I can picture the Queen blanching at the very thought of a paper wreath.

Kate's brother Michael took William's place in a Christmas Eve soccer match last year and the Middleton family joined the royals on a traditional pheasant hunt at the Queen's Sandringham Estate last year. If you believe the gossip, it has all become much too much for the Queen to deal with and she wants to take back some of her control.

Yet again, the Queen is being painted as a villain who cannot come to terms with the fact that most people in the world are not royals. I'm sure it's annoying to have all of your traditions bucked because of the influence of another family, but isn't is possible that the Queen understands Kate and William are thinking of their children first and that it's more convenient for them to host dinner for a few years? 

I'd like to think the longest-reigning monarch in Britain achieved that status by maintaining a cool and practical head. This soap opera version of the Queen we're being fed seems a bit too delicious and prime time ready to be true -- but I guess only Kate knows the truth.


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