No Doubt Then & Now -- Find Out What Gwen & The Guys Have Been Up To (PHOTOS)

No Doubt Then & Now -- Find Out What Gwen & The Guys Have Been Up To (PHOTOS)

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. If you weren't into grunge, musically, the early '90s were not for you. Then along came No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom, sending out waves of pop-rock tinged with ska and reggae, with Gwen Stefani front and center singing, "Just a Girl." Since then, No Doubt has remained remarkably intact, despite the platinum glow of solo superstar Stefani causing the band to take many breaks. 

So what have the members of No Doubt been up to? Oh, you know, not much: Golfing, surfing, building music-fashion empires worth hundreds of millions, that sort of thing. 

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  • Gwen Stefani: Then


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    In the midst of the '90s grunge craze, Gwen Stefani's cool-chick sex appeal and dramatic vocals, together with No Doubt's ska-pop sensibilities, were a breath of fresh air. Stefani founded the band with her brother Eric, who left after the band finished recording Tragic Kingdom. Stefani, who invariably wore platinum blond hair and red lips, was an instant style trendsetter.

  • Gwen Stefani: Now


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    Clearly she was more than "just a girl." Though No Doubt is still together, they've taken several hiatuses, mainly to accommodate Stefani's superstar career as a solo artist, fashion mogul, and The Voice judge--which has helped her amass a fortune rumored to be around $120 million--as well as her life as a newly single mom of three boys.

  • Tony Kanal: Then


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    London-born Tony Kanal, who had played saxophone and bass since his teens, went to a No Doubt show and made up his mind on the spot to join the band. He was welcomed in and he became a key member. He was also in a secret relationship with Gwen Stefani and their breakup inspired her to write the massive hit "Don't Speak." 

  • Tony Kanal: Now


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    Keeping himself busy during No Doubt's many hiatuses, Kanal has mostly hit the mixing console as a producer, working for acts including Weezer and Stefani herself, and producing three tracks for the 50 First Dates soundtrack. 

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  • Tom Dumont: Then


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    The lone No Doubter with formal music theory training, guitarist Tom Dumont joined the band when Gwen Stefani's brother Eric was still in it, contributing a poem that was turned into "Trapped in a Box," the only single released on the band's self-titled debut. He became one of the main songwriters for the band. 

  • Tom Dumont: Now


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    During No Doubt's hiatuses, Dumont has produced other artists, but he generally prefers to live outside the spotlight when not onstage. An avid surfer, he is active in fundraising for the Surfrider Foundation, which seeks to preserve coastal areas.

  • Adrian Young: Then


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    Every band has at least one wild member and for No Doubt, Adrian Young, a former No Doubt fanboy, was it. He joined the band in 1989, after lying about his drumming skills (he had next to none) but quickly got his skills up. He also became the class clown, wearing outrageous hair and outfits onstage and at events. 

  • Adrian Young: Now


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    Surprise! The dude with the crazy hair is actually a huge fan of the least extreme sport in the world, golf, which is what he does when he's not touring or recording with the band, often raising money for charity.

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