You Can Attend Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Party -- for a Price

If you've ever wondered what it was like to attend a fabulous royal soiree, you may have found your chance. Queen Elizabeth is selling tickets to her 90th birthday, and the price tag isn't that bad.


If you're one of the lucky 25,000 who nabs a ticket, you'll pay about £165 (that's about $249) to attend the event. That's certainly not pocket change for us commonfolk, but in the grand scheme of things, it actually doesn't sound that bad if you're a major royal fanatic.

The festivities are being held from May 12 through May 15, so you'll have to make yourself available if you want to party hard with the family. Queen Elizabeth is currently only slated to attend the finale event on Sunday.

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But if you think the cash she rakes in from ticket sales will go straight into the already deep pockets of Buckingham Palace, think again. Officials say the money is going to charity, which makes the whole idea of selling tickets to the Queen's party sound a little less, ahem, gauche.

There will also apparently be a lottery for 5,000 free tickets so that spectators can simply watch from the sidelines, but we're guessing those will be even harder to come by than the 25,000 spots that can be purchased.


Image via Splash News

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