Caitlyn Jenner Is Reportedly Furious That Corey Gamble Has Replaced Her

Well, we can't say we were expecting this. Believe it or not, supposedly Caitlyn Jenner thinks Corey Gamble is stealing her family.


It seems as though Cait thinks Corey is a little too involved in family matters, and that Cait is just a little jealous over the amount of time he gets to spend with her brood.

Judging just by paparazzi photos alone, it certainly does look like Corey is pretty embedded in the family at this point, but he and Kris Jenner have been dating for quite some time now. It seems only natural that he would spend a lot of time with the crew.

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According to OK!, it's Corey's growing relationship with the grandkids that has Cait particularly teary-eyed. When she sees photos of him with the little ones, it makes her feel like she's majorly missing out on their lives.

We totally get why Caitlyn would feel left out, and it has to be impossibly difficult as she explores the realities of her new life while trying to figure out how to incorporate her family in at the same time. This feels like the kind of situation where there are going to be hurt feelings for a long time until everyone can get accustomed to the new normal.

Image via Blayzen Photos/Splash News

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