Kris Jenner Gives Kim Kardashian a Hard Time About Pregnancy Weight Gain

kim kardashianWe all know Kris Jenner can be a bit overbearing, but she just crossed the line into rude territory. A new Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip shows Kris scolding Kim for eating too much during her pregnancy. Not cool, Kris, not cool at all. 


In the clip, Kim reveals that on a recent trip to New Orleans, she had beignets three times a day. And then Kris chimes in, saying that she saw Kim's chef trying to recreate the beignet recipe in her home earlier that morning, per Kim's request. Must be nice!

Here, check out the video:

On the one hand, Kris seems genuinely concerned about her daughter doing too much and eating too many sugary foods. But, on the other, was it really necessary for her to say, "You're like a closet eater"? Kind of rude. Kim's pregnant, for crying out loud. 

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Kim seems to be happy with how everything -- including her body -- is progressing during this pregnancy. It appears that she doesn't have any of the medical issues she had when she was pregnant with North, and, like she said, she's "way skinnier" this time around. 

In my opinion, Kim looks great. And who can fault the woman for asking her chef to whip up some beignets for her? Wouldn't we all do the same if we were in her position?


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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