Kate Middleton Reportedly Refuses to Become the Next Princess Diana

She respects her mother-in-law, but that doesn't mean the Duchess of Cambridge wants to become Princess Diana. Rumor has it Kate Middleton is fighting royal isolation and refuses to turn out like Diana after sources say Queen Elizabeth and the other royals have been trying their hardest to keep outside influences -- including her mom Carole Middleton -- far away from her.


For months now, pretty much since Princess Charlotte was born, we've been hearing the craziest gossip about how the Queen is trying to keep Carole as far away from Kate, Prince William, George, and Charlotte as possible, simultaneously stripping the duchess of any semblance of an outside support system. Rumors about Kate feuding with Duchess Camilla and possibly even Prince Charles have also made the rounds, as has gossip about Kate and William experiencing marital issues.

After a four-month hiatus, Kate recently returned to the spotlight and has been more involved than ever in charity work. After she gave a rare speech at one event in which she raved about her loving upbringing, many wondered whether she was taking a dig at the royal family. Others have become convinced that she is crying out for help and subtly letting the world know she is suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of isolation.

Those who remember Princess Diana's isolation from the family -- Prince Charles reportedly left her on her own to tend to the kids and attended royal events solo -- can't help but compare Kate to Diana. But don't worry: Kate isn't having any of it.

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The 33-year-old is reportedly fighting back, with help from Carole, by making it known, mainly through her actions, that she refuses to be treated like Diana. Not only is she working through her fear of public speaking so that she becomes a more vocal presence in the family, but Kate is also insisting on attending royal events with William, and their time together seems to be working wonders for them. They look happier than ever these days, thanks, I'm sure, to the private time they've been able to enjoy at St. Andrews and in Wales.

It's probably no coincidence that the royal couple will be taking a trip together to India -- a country neither of them has visited -- this spring (without the kiddies). Sure, it's a "business trip," but Kate is adamant about sharing these experiences with William, possibly so that they don't lose their connection the way Charles and Diana did.

I really hope this gossip isn't true, because it makes the royals sound like an awful, cruel bunch. But it sounds like Kate is a strong woman who refuses to allow herself to be disrespected and mistreated. She may have felt like she was knocked down for a bit, but she isn't about to let herself stay on the ground. She'll raise her family on her terms, and that means incorporating her own traditions and desires with those of the royal family.


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