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16 Celebrities Who Give Back in Unprecedented Ways (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Dwyer Frame Dec 8, 2015

Celebrities may have a boatload of money, but that doesn't mean they spend it all on themselves. Athletes, singers, and actors show their compassion by spreading their wealth to causes that mean a lot to them, whether it's from a sizable donation or a chunk of quality time. 

What's great about a lot of these stars is that they don't do it for the publicity ,they do it out of the kindness of their hearts. So grab a pack of tissues and find out how these 17 stars make a difference in the world however they can.  


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14John Cena

The WWE star just hit a milestone by granting his 500th Make-a-Wish request to 8-year old leukemia patient Rocco Lanzer, who got to sit ringside for a Raw show. 

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After adopting a child from Malawi, Madonna decided to start a charity, Raising Malawi, to help provide medical and educational help for orphans in the country. The charity has helped provide healthcare for hundreds and provided education to over 5,600 children.

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