Scott Disick Hashes Out a Master Plan to Win Kourtney Back

He's already started making healthy strides to get his life back together, but now Scott Disick is selling his bachelor pad in the hopes of winning Kourtney Kardashian back.


According to TMZ, Scott's Beverly Hills abode is already in escrow for upward of $4 million, which is more than what he paid for the place around this time last year. The plan is for Scott to unload his party palace and find a home closer to the Calabasas neighborhood in which Kourtney and the kids live.

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This makes sense on so many levels. First of all, if you're not familiar with the layout of Los Angeles, Calabasas and Hidden Hills (where the Kardashians tend to congregate) are a lot more family-oriented and subdued than Scott's former Beverly Hills digs. He's a lot less likely to throw ragers in this relatively quiet community.

And regardless of whether or not the move is truly to win Kourtney back, it will put him a lot closer to his kids. We're assuming that's super important to Scott, who missed out on spending much time with them while he was in rehab and, before that, partying.

It sounds like a healthy decision for Scott all the way around, and we hope it works out for him and for his family.


Image via MONEY$HOT/Splash News

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