Prince George's Favorite Toy Proves That He's Just a Regular Kid

He might be a member of the royal bloodline, but Prince George loves tractors and helicopters just like any other little guy his age. In fact, one toy in particular is his absolute favorite.


Kate Middleton admits that it's the 2-year-old's miniature John Deere tractor that has completely captured his attention. He can be found driving the four-wheeled toy around the property of his family home, Anmer Hall, which is located in Norfolk.

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And tractors aren't the only "things that go" that Prince George loves. He's also super into helicopters, which makes sense since his dad, Prince William, operates one for rescue work.

Picturing the little prince plowing through a lush English estate on his tiny tractor basically makes our hearts melt. It's so sweet to know that he's into the same kinds of things as other kids his age, despite being a part of an incredibly famous family.

We kind of wonder if his love of all things with wheels will trickle down to Princess Charlotte or if she'll be a girly girl who is into tea parties and frilly stuff. We have a feeling she'll be able to hold her own with the girls and the boys.


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