Kendall Jenner's Bangs Make Her Look Exactly Like Kris Jenner (PHOTO)

kendall jennerShe looks bangin'! While her sister Kylie was sporting leather and chains at the American Music Awards, Kendall Jenner debuted her new bangs. The model/reality star's signature one-length hair looked much different than it normally does with a little fringe in front. But, like everything Kendall does, the new 'do looks hot. 


Check out Kendall's new style. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns?

kendall jenner

They look cute, right? And, uh, anyone else think Kendall looks exactly like mom Kris Jenner with bangs? It's uncanny!

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I kind of have a feeling that the bangs Kenny's sporting are clip-on ones, as opposed to the real deal. Not only are clip-on bangs a favorite of the Kardashian-Jenner girls', being that she's a model who's always getting her hair done, it's doubtful she went ahead and cut them for an awards show. 

But, again, they look hot. And no doubt Mama Kris is loving them. #twinning


Images via Mad Max Pepito/Splash News; Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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