Kate Middleton Admits That She Misses Her Old Life

Many of us dream about the Duchess of Cambridge's charmed existence and maybe even fantasize about how great it would be to walk in her shoes for just one day. But I guess the grass is always greener: Kate Middleton revealed she really misses living in Wales and being able to do simple things like take a walk outside.


These days the 33-year-old mom of two is lucky if she and Prince William can escape for a few days by themselves here and there, since they're both incredibly busy taking care of 2-year-old George and 6-month-old Charlotte while also tending to their many royal duties. Kate and Will got away for a bit recently and decided to scale a mountain at Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Wales, where the duchess revealed to a mountain rescuer that she misses the old days — when she and William lived in Wales.

"I love it here," Kate said. "I really miss being here, being outside, and in the mountains."

Kate and Will reportedly had a blast climbing the mountain together, and Kate proved to be the more athletic of the two. She helped Will down the mountain at one point and cutely quipped, "I'm quite enjoying this actually. For once I'm in control." When Will reached the ground and decided to try to climb back up the wall, Kate joked that they're not competitive before following in her husband's footsteps and getting back on the wall.

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Despite all of the rumors we've been reading lately about Kate feeling depressed and anxious about her royal life, I wouldn't read into this cute scenario any more than necessary. It's completely normal for young couples, especially those adjusting to life with a new baby (or two young children, in Kate and Will's case), to feel wistful about the old days, when they could simply dash off whenever they had the urge and embark on a new adventure together.

True, Kate seems to be reflecting on the past more than usual these days, but I imagine that's also normal. When you have kids and realize life has changed forever (for the better, most of the time), why wouldn't you think back on the past life you've essentially shed?

Kate probably understands and accepts the fact that she'll have to deal with the paparazzi and gossip for the rest of her royal life, but unlike Will — who was born with a spotlight shining on him — she remembers a time when she wasn't a household name. Who can blame her for wishing she could go back to the days when things were simpler?


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