Kevin Federline Attempts to Stay Relevant by Insulting Beyonce

Remember K-Fed? Yeah, we wish we didn't either. But the washed-up backup dancer who fathered Britney Spears's two children has attempted to stay in the news yet again. Kevin Federline insulted Beyonce for having too much cosmetic work done, of all things.


Kev and Bey were both at the Canelo vs. Cotto boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday. When the popular sports blog Terez Owens tweeted about Queen Bey's ample cleavage, Sean and Jayden's dad felt the need to comment.

Of course he couldn't just leave it there. His next tweet was a follow-up, obviously calling Jay Z's wife out for supposedly having work done.


Saw Face? Really? What the heck was he thinking? Of course Beyonce is too classy to even respond to this dude's insults, but a lot of fans had something to say. Not only did they say he was likely trying to create publicity for himself, but they also started criticizing Brit Brit for having work done.

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Can she ever escape that man? No. The answer is apparently no. And just in case you were wondering, Federline gets $20,000 a month in child support from his ex-wife. You'd think that would be enough that he wouldn't go ahead and insult Beyonce for no reason.


Image via STARPICZ/Splash News

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