Kate Hudson Wrote an Emotional Poem for Mom Goldie Hawn's 70th Birthday (VIDEO)

goldie hawn, kate hudsonThe Kardashians aren't the only celebs out there who know how to celebrate their mom's birthday in style: Kate Hudson posted a beautiful video tribute for mom Goldie Hawn's 70th (!!) bday that even included an original poem Kate wrote just for her beautiful mama!


In what seems to be a story about Goldie's soul being sent down from heaven to spread love, joy, and beauty on the earth, Kate compliments her mother's many good qualities: She's "smart as a whip," says Kate, and "her beauty was something many found hard to resist" (do "whip" and "resist" really rhyme? Eh, close enough). 

Really, though, you've got to read the whole poem to get the idea (and watch the sweet video, too): 

On this day in the clouds I'm sure// A man had a plan for the twenty first// He took a sweet soul and said its time my dear// You must go back down to share your cheer// Your beauty will please// Your laughter will spread// You may even meet a man and be thirty years unwed// To many you will be their rising muse// And light will bath you in golden hues// So, with excitement she went back down to the earth// To meet her old friends, Laura Hawn to rebirth// She had no clue on that day what would be// And day by day it seemed God made her special in some way// She never seemed to follow in line// Always a bit on the outside, goofy by design// She danced her own beat// Played her own drum// Shook the worlds axis a bit being seemingly dumb// But dumb she was not// Smart as a whip// And her beauty was something many found hard to resist// But she had one desire that grew with the years// To be happy she says, to be happy without fear// People laughed in her face and said don't be so silly// But she paid no mind to those who could not see as clearly// She may not have remembered that day in the clouds// But her message is pure and of the touch of God// Find your joy she says, what brings you joy// Live fearlessly facing the sun// Bath gently under the moon// Love all around you// Laugh till you cry// Cry till you laugh// We live till we die// She says live with all your might! ð��ª Happy 70th Mama I LOVE YOU â�¤ï¸ï¿½ #MamaGoldie #70 #LiveWithAllYourMight #LoveMyMama #EllieGoulding #Army

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Awwww! It's so amazing to see an adult mother and daughter with such a beautifully close relationship, isn't it? Especially when so many Hollywood families (heck, so many regular families) are fraught with discord and petty rivalries. Goldie and Kate truly champion each other, no matter what -- and celebrate each other! In fact, Kate's next tweet would seem to indicate an impending weeklong family vacation in honor of the icon's 70th:

Have fun, guys!! 


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