Kim Kardashian & Chrissy Teigen Had a Very Pregnant Evening Out (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian chrissy teigenWhen it comes to socializing while pregnant, it's always ideal if there's another mom-to-be involved in your plans (i.e., someone else with swollen ankles who can't drink!). That's why it makes perfect sense that Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen went out on the town last night.


Not only are both ladies expecting new additions soon (Kim much sooner than Chrissy, who just announced her pregnancy), but both are married to mega-successful musicians -- and of course John Legend and Kanye West joined their wives at dinner, too! Here they are, arriving at Santa Monica's Giorgio Baldi restaurant:

kim kardashian, chrissy teigen

Hugs, girl! How are you feeling?? Oh God, my back is killing me TOO!!

kim kardashian chrissy teigen

Then, of course, John legend had to get in on the action ...

kim kardashian chrissy teigen

MWAH! Meanwhile, Kanye must have gone ahead to make sure the table was ready. 'Cause the other three walked in without him:

kim kardashian chrissy teigen

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The real question, of course -- the real question when ANY pregnant ladies go out to dinner -- is what did they eat? I checked out the online menu at Giorgio Baldi, you know, because I live on the other side of the country but why not? And I feel like if I were a pregnant megastar, I probably would have gone with the Ravioli con Asparagi. Sounds ah-mazing. But hey, that's just me. Who knows what these gals were craving? 

One thing's for sure -- if these two want to have any more pregnant dinners, they'd better squeeze 'em in soon! 'Cause Kim's getting closer and closer to the end!


Image via Sharky/Splash News

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