12 Times Kate Middleton & Camilla Parker Bowles Were Over Each Other

12 Times Kate Middleton & Camilla Parker Bowles Were Over Each Other
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They're both the future Queens of England, but that doesn't mean Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles are besties. Though they are often seen at the same royal functions while wearing the same perfectly practiced smiles, on occasion, the two future Queens of England let their guards down -- including their happy expressions. We get it; it's hard to force a smile for an entire event.

Nope, apparently life's not all smiles at Buckingham Palace! It's unrealistic to expect even the royals to get along with each other all the time, and given the interesting familial situation surrounded Camilla and Prince Charles, it's no surprise that there might be some tension. 

Queen Elizabeth has been known to have some issues with Camilla her daughter-in-law ever since she married Charles in 2005, and apparently this "cold war" also extends to the Duchess of Cambridge. Getting along with the in-laws is never easy, but we can imagine that royal in-laws can be even worse. Official royal engagements constantly throw these two together where there is absolutely no escape. It's no wonder they can get on each other's nerves sometimes!

Don't believe us? Check out all the times Camilla and Kate were over each other -- and you'll see why.

  • And Camilla Makes Three


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    Kate's face time with the Queen is interrupted by Camilla.

  • Black Out


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    What's black and white and not talking to each other? This carriage ride, that's what.

  • Ice Queens


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    Even in an open carriage, you could probably hear a pin drop as Kate and Camilla sit silently side by side for the Trooping of Colour parade. Brr!

  • Twins


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    Kate's clearly a little annoyed that she and Camilla are wearing the same outfit.

  • Mother-in-Law


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    Technically, Camilla is Kate's mother-in-law. So technically, that makes Camilla the most annoying person in Kate's life.

  • You Again?


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    The great thing about being a royal is getting to spend all that time with your husband's family!

  • Thank God for Harry!


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    Leave it to Harry to break the mood, undoubtedly by cracking a joke.

  • Put on a Happy Face


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    The ladies are all smiles, but who knows what happens when that carriage pulls away.

  • Three's a Crowd


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    Kate seems thrilled to have Camilla tag along. Thrilled.

  • Another Day, Another Carriage Ride


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    As if Kate's was the only carriage in town, or is it?

  • Together Again?


    Somehow these two always end up in the same carriage for Trooping the Color. Poor, Kate. 

  • All in Black


    Is it just us, or is that pure disgust in Camilla's face?

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