Adele Pranks Fans but Brings Them All to Happy Tears (VIDEO)

adele pranks as jennyMeet Adele as Jenny -- all it took was a different eye makeup and a prosthetic nose and chin. Fabulous! Adele's undercover act at an Adele impersonation competition had no one suspecting it was her, of course, until she started singing.


The bit was filmed for a BBC special with Graham Norton. Adele not only changed her look, but made sure to speak really slowly like a nanny would. This woman can not only sing, but she also has a fantastic sense of humor. Watch as she jokes backstage with Adele impersonators, even taking a jab at herself by saying Adele took long enough to release her album 25. Then Adele as Jenny pretends to feel a bit ill, and is not sure if she can perform. She even leans on an impersonator. It's clear these fans have no idea it's really her. And when she takes the stage and pretends to be too nervous to start singing, it's so sweet to see the look of concern and worry from the others.

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But then she begins singing "Make You Feel My Love," a cover she did back in 2008. 

I love the reactions. Some aren't quite convinced it's her despite that voice, but as Adele continues to sing, it's so clear -- there is only one Adele, only one who can bring out so many emotions by singing.

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I'll admit it first -- I got teary eyed. What is it about this woman's voice that can bring every emotion to the surface? She sings with such heart and soul -- a true artist. I adore her. And while I am in no way a fan of pranks, this one is quite different. It's charming, and what a sweet treat for her fans at this impersonator event.


Image via BBC Music/YouTube

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