Kim Kardashian's Push Present Request Is Way Over the Top

kim kardashianPush presents aren't a must for everyone, but Kim Kardashian's husband is Kanye West, a man who loves to spoil his lady, so why not go big in a gifting request, right? Kim's lavish push present request, however, is over the top even for her.


In a post on her own website, Kim said that she thinks a push present is "sweet" and like a "well-deserved thank-you" from a partner. I agree -- and I also agree that while it isn't exactly necessary, it sure is nice. And it can be something as simple as a card, a pedicure, or, as in the case of Kim's, diamonds. Major diamonds! More specifically, a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker. The price tag on that? Millions of dollars!

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Kayne must have read that and had a mini freak-out (does he even have mini freak-outs? Everything with Kanye is major). But Kim said that if it's too much, she offered up other ideas for her beloved, though they were all bling and most diamonds. There was a costume version of the choker that was just $78. For some reason I cannot imagine Kanye buying something so "cheap" -- that is, for his standards.

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Now we shouldn't all think that Kim is a spoiled you-know-what -- the woman has had a difficult pregnancy and a challenging first pregnancy, too. If she wants a gift, then she should get a gift! This goes for all the pregnant ladies out there. Kim did note that she wasn't always a fan of the push present, but after an email chain from her friends who shared that they received diamonds and a new car, she thought why not put it out there for Kanye to think about.


Image via Bauer-Griffin/ News

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