Kate Middleton Is Hoping Princess Charlotte Will Join the Girl Scouts

In what might be the cutest news ever, Kate Middleton wants Princess Charlotte to be a Girl Scout (when she's old enough, of course). The Duchess of Cambridge met with some scouts on a recent trip to Wales and was completely charmed.


While in the U.K. the organization is technically referred to as Girl Guides, the premise is exactly the same. The earliest Princess Charlotte can join will be at the age of 5, when she can officially become a "Rainbow."

Kate and Prince William were on a tour to promote the needs of those suffering from mental health issues. A staple of the program focuses on addressing mental health in children when any illness typically begins to show its roots.

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We think Princess Charlotte would make the most adorable Girl Scout ever, and we're guessing she'll slay at selling cookies. In fact, she can put us down for three boxes of Thin Mints and two boxes of Samoas now. Don't worry, we're good for the money.

It's so refreshing when we hear the royals talk about having their kids do totally normal little girl or little boy things. Being a princess or prince sounds like a lot of fun in theory, but having some semblance of a normal life is really important for their all-around well-being.


Image via Splash News

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