Brave Prince William & Kate Have Cutest Rock Climbing Date Ever (VIDEO)

kate middleton rock climbingFree from their parenting duties and appearances at charity galas, Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to risk their lives in the name of some good outdoorsy fun. The prince and princess went rock climbing, and the date was full of some ridiculously cute moments.


William went first, and Kate was ever-so-excited to help him down.

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Then it was Kate's turn  -- love how she says "Bye!"

And here's her abseil -- a word I just learned because I wouldn't rock climb unless it was with a prince and princess. And we all know I will never get that opportunity.

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They are just so adorably British and proper and ha-ha funny. They just seem so playful with each other -- love this. And this is a lovely way to spend a day connecting with nature and your partner. But did you catch the click-click-click-click-clicks of all the cameras? My word, that would be a tough thing to get used to. No wonder the prince and princess rarely smooch in public, because the camera might capture the weird moment when their lips are pursed and haven't made contact yet. And so, the kissing is in private. But the rock climbing dates? For all to see. Thank goodness their abseiling happened without incident.

Now can we give these two parents a much-needed time away from the spotlight? Maybe they can make another baby or something -- everyone seems to be begging for that.


Image via Splash News

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