Prince William's Latest Charity Endeavor Is One Close to Princess Diana's Heart

If Princess Diana were alive today, she would burst with joy knowing she helped raised two young boys who have become amazing and altruistic men. Prince William's latest charity endeavor is one that was close to Diana's heart: He's working to help homeless youth in England.


The prince gave a speech this week at the first annual Centrepoint awards in London, where he spoke about the need to help children and young adults who do not have a warm place to sleep, an abundant food supply, or the support of caretakers. After revealing that Centrepoint, which helps provide safe living environments for thousands of young people each year, was one of the first charities he became involved with 10 years ago, William talked about why this cause is one in which he feels enormous passion:

Some young people can find themselves denied the most basic of comforts, such as a safe place to sleep, a guaranteed source of food, or simply someone to turn to for advice. This can often be due to reasons beyond their control. But the challenges can also be deeper than having a safe place to stay. The impact of homelesseness is not temporary. All too often, a person’s long-term mental and physical health, education, and sense of self-worth can also be at risk. Ending youth homelessness remains an urgent challenge – too many in society are still unaware of just how many young people need our help.

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Princess Diana was a patron of Centrepoint when Will and Harry were children and often brought them there for visits. It's only natural (and wonderful) that Will would take over as a patron — he's so committed to the cause that he even spent a night out on the street in December 2009 with the charity's chief executive.

There's no doubt Diana instilled in her children a desire and urgency to help others in need in whatever way they can. William, Harry, and Kate Middleton are carrying on her legacy and giving us all a reason to feel positive about the royal family.


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