Kate Middleton's Speech Has Some Worried She Is Depressed

Remember that lovely speech the Duchess of Cambridge gave at the Place2Be conference for headteachers this week? The one where she waxed poetic about her beautiful childhood, which was filled with the love of family and teachers? Well, the royals have reportedly found fault with it and believe Kate Middleton made it known she is suffering from depression and anxiety.


While speaking to the crowd, the 33-year-old mom of two pushed aside her fear of public speaking in an effort to draw attention to the need for better mental health care for young people. She used the story of her life as an example of what can happen when a child grows up surrounded by love and support. It was a sweet and endearing speech -- but, apparently, royal insiders are saying her lovely memories only made it more obvious to everyone that Kate is unhappy with her current situation in the royal family.

Perhaps they're thinking about Queen Elizabeth, who, up until recently, seemed to be unimpressed with Kate's work ethic and reportedly poked fun at her for staying at home with George and Charlotte and not attending to her royal duties. Or maybe insiders are thinking about the alleged ongoing battle taking place between two duchesses -- Kate and Camilla Parker Bowles. Their fight is said to be so intense that even Prince Harry has stepped in to defend his sister-in-law.

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A lot of their tension is said to be the result of the Queen and company not liking how involved the Middleton family (and Carole, in particular) is in Kate and Will's lives. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly putting restrictions on how much say Carole has over Kate, George, and Charlotte, which sounds far too ridiculous to be true.

As for Prince William, rumor has it he just wants his wife to snap out of her depression and anxiety, but that she only appears to be getting worse. On top of it all, rumors that Kate is suffering from an eating disorder are also following her everywhere she goes these days.

It's just too much, isn't it? If I were Kate, I'd want to pack up my children and run far, far away for a few weeks. Who knows how much of this is true, but it certainly makes you think twice about the carefree, charmed existence of a royal. The pressure Kate faces to be the perfect mom, princess, and representative of her family is a burden no woman would want to take on. Here's hoping she can hold her head up and stay strong.

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