Kate Middleton Presented With Sweetest Gifts From Foster Children

kate middleton foster childrenPrincess Kate Middleton is a supporter of The Fostering Network and while at the Fostering Excellence Awards tea party where she was to hand out honors to others, she was given the sweetest gifts from two foster children she met back in January.


The gifts were given to Kate by two sweet kids in foster care -- 7-year-old Rowan and 11-year-old Ambrose. Both who Kate met at a foster event back in January. The Princess told them both that they have grown so much since she last saw them. She really has such a sweet and kind way about her. I love this photo -- look at the faces on those kids -- they are so adorable. And Kate ... such a lovely person, a most wonderful Princess.

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The gifts were two quilts -- one for Princess Charlotte and one for Prince George. Charlotte's quilt has sweet floral patterns on it and Georgie's is made up of airplane prints. These quilts have special significance -- they are handmade by the Helping Hands Quilting Group who also makes blankets for kids going into foster care.

Such a wonderful gesture -- and I love that Kate is also wearing her signature color. People helping people -- thank goodness for people like these.


Image via Ian Vogler/WPA-Pool/Splash News

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