Kate Middleton Gives Rare Speech About Her Childhood (VIDEO)

Forget everything you've heard about the royal family attempting to keep the Duchess of Cambridge from speaking in public. Kate Middleton gave a rare speech about her loving family and healthy upbringing at a conference for headteachers organized by her charity Place2Be.


It's no secret that the 33-year-old mother of two is deeply concerned with the health and well-being of Great Britain's youngest and most vulnerable demographic. Her charity endeavors often involve children with special needs or those living in foster care. At a recent event in London, the princess opened up about why she feels so strongly about helping young people in need.

Kate is said to be very anxious about public speaking, but you would never know it viewing this clip of her as she confidently takes the podium. She began by acknowledging that she had a wonderful childhood, filled with her family's love and the concern of great educators. She then went on to stress the importance of good mental health care in order to give children who need early intervention the support they deserve:

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I think she did a fantastic job of putting her fears aside for the greater good of shining a spotlight on the population she's working to protect. It can't be easy for Kate to get up there and speak, especially when she knows the media has covered stories about how she lacks proper public speaking skills. But she risked it and just went for it because she knew she could make a big impact.

Guess we can put to bed the rumor that the royals are trying to stifle Kate -- as if she'd ever let that happen!


Image via Splash News

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