Rob Kardashian Refuses to Appear on the Kardashian Family Christmas Card This Year

rob kardashianThe holidays are nearing and you know what that means ... it's time for the annual Kardashian Christmas card. And, you know what else that means, right? Time for the drama that accompanies the annual Kardashian Christmas card. This year's issue? Rob doesn't want to do the card


An insider told Hollywood Life that Rob doesn't want to participate in the family tradition because he's still not comfy with his weight. Over the past year, Rob has virtually gone into hiding because he's not comfortable with the way he looks. It's heartbreaking to hear, but also, it's not that surprising that he doesn't want to do the card. Rob reportedly has been working on himself and focusing on losing weight, but we still never see him. It actually would have been downright shocking if we saw him on the card. 

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It's so sad that Rob feels like he needs to completely shun himself from the public until he gets to a point where he feels comfortable. It must be so hard for him to live. The paparazzi would swarm him the minute he left his house -- how the heck does he ever, well, leave his house?!

Rob drama aside, it wouldn't be a Kardashian Christmas card if there weren't some sort of issues accompanying it. But, one thing is for certain: Regardless of what happens with the family, the final product is sure to be gorgeous. 


Image via Michele Eve/Splash News

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