Kate Middleton Accused of Trying to Hide a Baby Bump (PHOTO)

At some point, you have to look at the Duchess of Cambridge as she flits about from one event to another dressed to the nines in mostly figure-flattering gowns and reassess what you previously thought about her possibly being pregnant. But no -- folks are still claiming Kate Middleton is trying to hide her baby bump and didn't do such a great job of it when she recently appeared in a grey dress.


Like everyone else, I think it would be super amazing if Kate and Prince William had a third child so close in age to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who was just born a few months ago. Pregnancy rumors can be fun and exciting and, up until very recently, I wondered myself whether there was any truth to the one that Kate and Will are expecting another child in spring 2016 -- after all, she appeared to be in hiding for a few months, right?

But come on. Have you guys seen all of the gorgeous designer dresses she has been flaunting in recent weeks? Most women begin to show much sooner with their second and third children, and even if Kate is the exception, there's no way on earth her tummy would be this flat if she were actually a few months pregnant.

But some people are still insisting the Duchess is hiding her pregnancy and was attempting to conceal her baby bump with a black clutch at the Place2Be's Headteacher Conference.

There's no way. I repeat: no way Kate is pregnant. She's just holding her clutch. There's no bump to speak of -- her abs are washboard flat.

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If Kate actually had a baby bump she didn't want the world to see, why would she choose a dress that shows off her waistline? I'm sure she knows she can't hide behind a tiny accessory the entire day -- between the Duchess and her stylist, I'm certain they could have come up with something that concealed her abs better than this.

A photo rarely lies. As much as we want her to be pregnant again, we can't deny that she simply looks anything but pregnant.


Images via Splash News

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