Harper Beckham's Reaction to Meeting Prince Harry Is Priceless (VIDEO)

david beckham harper romeo cruzDavid Beckham -- hottest father of the year and Sexiest Man Alive (I gave him that first title) -- was playing a charity soccer match for UNICEF and all his kids were in attendance. Also there was Prince Harry, who took time to say hello to the youngest Beckhams. Four-year-old Harper's reaction to meeting the prince is quite adorable.


She probably doesn't know who Prince Harry is -- she is only 4. But after her brothers -- 10-year-old Cruz and 13-year-old Romeo -- took a moment to greet the prince, it's clear Harper was curious about this mysterious redheaded guy. At first it seems Harry wasn't going to shake Harper's hand and maybe that's why mini Posh played coy.

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harper beckham prince harryWhat a cutie -- both Harry and Harper -- and Romeo, Cruz ... and of course David, too. While Harper didn't seem too impressed with Harry at first, after the handshake she must have felt the surge of his prince-ness because the look on her face is filled with excitement. Or maybe she just had to use the potty -- she is 4 years old. That rocking back and forth and the expression on her face could mean lots of different things.

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It was quite a sweet moment and as usual Prince Harry shows how he can charm just about anyone with a simple handshake. I love how he made sure to almost kneel down and to show an interest in meeting the Beckhams, who are royalty of a whole other caliber. Even if Harper wasn't really impressed, I sure am. 


Image via TGB/Splash News

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