Kendall Jenner Is Appalled at the Thought of Kylie Marrying Tyga

Well, this could make for an awkward hypothetical wedding. The word on the street is that Kendall Jenner adamantly opposes Kylie marrying Tyga.


The pair aren't engaged (yet), but reports are circulating that Tyga is all in when it comes to the relationship and really wants to propose when the time is right. As the protective big sister, Kendall is having none of it.

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Kendall thinks Kylie needs to get the rest of her life together before she starts making a major commitment like marriage. If these rumors are true, it's not that Kendall dislikes Tyga -- she's cool with her sister dating him. But as far as marriage is concerned, she wants the couple to slow their roll.

We're with Kendall on this one. There's really no need for Kylie to rush to the altar. If she and Tyga are happy and in love, then they can wait a while before they get hitched. And if she wants further proof she should wait, Kylie should ask her sister Kim, who had a short-lived marriage at the age of 19.

The chances of Kylie and Tyga tying the knot anytime soon seem pretty slim. Unless they run off and marry in secret, there's no way her family is going to let her make such a big life decision at the age of 18.


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