Kim Kardashian Is Due to Give Birth Sooner Than We Expected

kim kardashian north westAs we near Kim Kardashian's due date -- around Christmas -- it seems that Kim's health may have her, Kanye, and North meeting this baby boy a little earlier than expected. When Kim was pregnant with North, she had preeclampsia, which is a very dangerous condition. There are signs now that have doctors a little concerned, and so they may be pushing up Kim's due date.


An insider reportedly told Us Weekly that Kim may be having a Thanksgiving baby -- and I think we can all agree we just want her to have a healthy baby and the due date isn't important. Kim was recently talking about how pregnancy isn't exactly her thing and has been a difficult experience both times. There is concern that there is too much fluid in her placenta, which could indicate gestational diabetes. The chance of her developing preeclampsia is greater as well simply because she had it when pregnant with North. And so an induction may happen as early as next week.

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I had preeclampsia and know firsthand how scary a condition it is and how dangerous it is for mom and baby. But as many of us know, we cannot let fear dictate a pregnancy. Kim is surrounded by people who are taking care of her and making sure all is going to be fine -- from her doctors to her very doting husband. Her condition and her well-being (mentally, physically, and emotionally) is something everyone is caring for, and they are making sure she is doing well.

North was born five weeks early, and so it seems that the Wests are going to get a really beautiful and early Christmas present. Wishing them all the best.


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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