Kate Middleton & Prince William Try to Save Princess Diana's Reputation

Princess Diana died 18 years ago in a car accident, but some people — including Camilla Parker Bowles — are reportedly intent on exposing her as something other than the sweet and charitable royal loved by the public. Kate Middleton and Prince William are trying to save Diana's reputation after both Camilla and James Hewitt (Diana former lover) are reportedly doing what they can to tarnish her image.


You may have already heard that Camilla is reportedly demanding that Prince Harry and Prince Charles take a DNA test because she is convinced that Charles isn't Harry's real father and that Harry is, in fact, a product of Diana's relationship with army veteran Hewitt. It's also not helping matters that Camilla is apparently at war with Kate and that Harry defends his sister-in-law whenever possible.

Now it's being reported that even Hewitt is sinking to a low, low, despicable place by selling love letters that Princess Diana wrote him during their alleged affair in the mid-'80s. I can't imagine what would inspire him to betray his former lover — no amount of money is worth it. 

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Instead of turning a blind eye to the scandal, Kate and Will are reportedly planning to use their upcoming trip to India in spring 2016 to honor Diana's memory. They'll visit the same bench where Diana sat for an iconic photo and create a similar lasting memory. Their photo will remind everyone of Diana's charity work and the commitment she made to helping children in need. I, for one, trust that most people will value that over her reported infidelities. And, while we're at it, Prince Charles wasn't exactly faithful, was he?

It's a smart move on the royal couple's part. All of this gossip about Diana and her love life is old news — and pretty boring — at this point. Why can't Camilla move on? I understand it has to suck to always live in Diana's shadow and be viewed as a sort-of black sheep in the family, but I feel the public has moved on and accepted Camilla at this point. She needs to let go of the past and try to repair the broken relationships she has with Harry, Will, and Kate. At the end of the day, she isn't going to win — the Queen and Charles are always going to side with Charles and Diana's children.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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