Scott Disick & Mason Jet Off on a Much-Needed Boys' Trip (PHOTO)

scott disickAwwww. Does he finally have it together? Scott Disick posted what could be his sweetest photo to date of a "boys' trip" he's taking with eldest son Mason. In the pic, Scott and Mason are on a private plane, and yep, it's just as adorable as you think. Oh, to be 5 and flying private!


It hasn't been reported on where the two are going, but from the looks of things, both are happy to be spending time with each other. Check out the cuteness:

Boys trip #killingit

A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

Of course, we don't know who else is accompanying these two on the trip, but if Kourtney Kardashian was willing to let Scott and Mason take off for some father-son time, clearly Scott's doing much better these days.

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Although Mason's insane cuteness is hard to top, I've gotta say, Scott is looking better than he has in a while in this photo. He seems healthy, happy, and, well, lucid. Good for him.

Hopefully, Scott's month-long stint in rehab was the real deal this time. The self-proclaimed Lord has been down this road before, but this last time seems to be the longest he's ever stayed at a rehab center. Fingers crossed. 

So glad to see Mason getting to spend time with his dad. It must mean the world to him. And no doubt, Kourtney is happy to see her son spend time with his father, as well. Adorable. 


Image via Jacson/Splash News

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