Prince William & Kate Middleton Express Condolences for Victims of Paris Attacks

kate middleton prince williamAs people all around the world find ways to express their condolences after the attacks in Paris, Prince William and Kate Middleton went to the French Embassy in London to sign a book to pay their respects. Their small gesture spoke volumes.


The truth is that so many of us don't know how to express how we feel -- we change our profile picture on social media to have the French flag, we put up photos of the Eiffel Tower in a peace sign. We want to do more but this is our way to show the people of France, the people of Paris, and those affected by this act of terrorism that we stand with them. And that there is good in this world. We have compassion. Just like Will and Kate.

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The prince and princess's note in the book of condolences says it all. There is sorrow in those words. But there is also hope. It shows how they are doing something to make the changes this world needs to see. There is a lot more to this situation that will come to light in the days, weeks, and months to come, but we do need a united front to defeat the hatred in this world.

I believe that Will and Kate signed this not only as representatives of the royals, but for themselves, their children, for the future. Nos plus sincères condoléances.


Image via Splash News

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