Kate Middleton's Slight Weight Is Under a Microscope Once Again

kate middletonWith the latest news that Kate Middleton has supposedly withered away to under 100 pounds, I feel even more annoyed that so much attention is paid to our weight -- particularly new moms. Princess Charlotte is just 6 months old, and of course Kate also has her son Prince George, who is just 2 years old. Some reports are saying that the 5-foot-9-inches tall Kate is just skin and bones. I think we need to leave her alone. 


If we remember way back when we first were introduced to Kate, before she was a princess, she was thin -- she seemed fit and healthy. I look at her now and I still see that same fit and healthy woman. She looks gorgeous in the light blue Jenny Packham gown (above) that some are saying she looks sickly in.

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This is nonsense. She's tall. The gown fit her perfectly. The glow on her face suggests that she is in good health. And that smile -- we cannot deny that her smile really shows how well she is doing.

She's a mom of two -- she travels a lot for work. I believe she is still breastfeeding Charlotte. She is someone who seems to have lost the baby weight quickly, but we have to remember that all women do that at their own pace. Our bodies change after having a baby, and Kate has had two. That change could be in many ways -- weight gain or loss. But no one should say that Kate doesn't look healthy. She absolutely does. We should never criticize or draw conclusions based on a photo. We should embrace all women -- and all the sizes we are.


Image via Mehdi Tee/Splash News

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