Tyga Reportedly Has Every Intention of Marrying Kylie Jenner

This famous couple seems inseparable, so we're not entirely surprised by the news that Tyga really wants to marry Kylie Jenner. What's concerning is the fact that the reality star is only 18.


According to E! News, a family insider told them that the 25-year-old rapper is completely in love with Kylie and has plans to marry her at some point down the road. Thankfully, it doesn't sound like he's going to put a ring on it any time in the very near future.

Not to be a total downer, but we really hope these two tread lightly, or that Kylie's family steps in if the marriage talk gets even more serious. She just graduated high school! And, yes, she and Tyga might be super schmoopy and adorable with each other, but it's still young love.

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We imagine it's pretty easy to think you're ready for that kind of commitment when you've grown up so quickly in the public eye, already own a home, and make your own money (and lots of it). But the reality is Kylie is still a kid.

Although -- can you even imagine the reality show possibilities Kris Jenner must be dreaming up in her head for these two? It's been a while since the Kardashians had a true spin-off (not counting Dash Dolls). Kylie and Tyga would make the perfect 2015 version of Newlyweds.

But, again, hopefully that's a long way into the future.


Image via Mad Max Pepito/Splash News

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