Khloe Kardashian's Perfect Booty Can Finally Be Explained

Here's a little secret for you -- it took Khloe Kardashian two years to get her perfect butt. And Koko wants everyone to know she worked extremely hard for that tush.



People love to give the Kardashians a lot of flack for being "famous for nothing," but they work super hard to develop those curves and incredible physiques that keep them in the news.

In a New York magazine interview, Khloe actually admits she and her trainer Gunnar Peterson focused mainly on her legs and butt for two whole years to get it exactly the way she wanted it. Clearly, her persistence paid off.

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Not long ago, Khloe was accused of getting butt implants to enhance her derriere, which explains why she's so vocal about letting folks know about all of her gym time.

Personally, we think Khloe looks great, and what she does to get her curves is her own business. We can't imagine why she would lie if she did, in fact, get implants. Out of the entire family, Khloe is typically the most reliable straight shooter, so we have no reason not to believe her.

Although, we are kind of curious as to just how many lunges and squats two years of work equals in order to get that bum. We should probably get started now.


Image via Photorapher Group/Splash News

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