Kate Middleton Reportedly Cheated Her Way into the Royal Family

Some folks simply can't accept that Prince William might have fallen in love with Kate Middleton because she's an intelligent, charming woman. Instead, another rumor has surfaced about Kate reportedly scheming to get Prince William to marry her -- and then plotting to take over the royal family.


An "insider" has revealed that Kate "essentially schemed" to marry William, and that she is planning on leading a "royal revolution" now that she is safely an accepted member of the royal family, thanks to the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Apparently, Kate is "slowly and quietly returning to her penchant for breaking royal protocol and challenging power."

If you believe the rumors, the Duchess of Cambridge is using her mom Carole to help carry out her evil plot, which includes ensuring the Middleton family wields a great deal of influence over Kate, Will, George, and Charlotte -- something Queen Elizabeth is onto. Yes, the Queen reportedly figured out what those meddling Middletons were up to and made it known, especially after Charlotte's birth, that there was only one Queen in the country and her name is not "Carole."

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While all of this juicy gossip should be thrown into a script for a fun Downton Abbey–like dramatic series, I highly doubt there's any truth here whatsoever. Kate and Will fell in love, got married, and had kids -- like lots of other people. Sure, Kate is in a unique position to help others and bring attention to the charities that she cares about, and she's doing a great job of that. She carries out her royal duties, and it seems only fair that she also be allowed to influence her family in whatever way she deems fit.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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