Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Is on Full Display in Body-Hugging Tan Dress (PHOTO)

kim kardashianHot mama(-to-be)! Kim Kardashian showed her baby bump off over the weekend in a gorgeous (and, of course, tight-fitting) dress. The reality star was at a "baby brunch" with some of her friends, and all we can say is: Man, this woman hasn't sacrificed an ounce of style during this pregnancy. How the heck is she standing in those heels?!


Kim's friend, Tracy Nguyen Romulus, who's also pregnant, shared a snap of the fun girls' day on her Instagram. Both women look fabulous. Love the way Kim is accentuating her curves. Gorgeous!

So pretty, right? Kim is reportedly due in December, so she's only got a few more weeks to go. Personally, I couldn't imagine wearing such tight dresses and high heels at this point in the game, but hey, she's a Kardashian. It's only natural. Also, the weeks following her birth probably won't be the most glamorous, so Kim is probably trying to get as much sexy in as she can now. 

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Looking gorgeous, Kim! Love how you're showing off those curves. You may claim that you're not a fan of pregnancy, but clearly pregnancy is a fan of yours. Hot. 


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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