Kim Kardashian Is Shamelessly Jealous of Khloe Kardashian's Hot Body

kim kardashianIf you saw Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday night, you know that Kim is basically the one responsible for Khloe's insanely hot Complex magazine shoot. From making the phone calls to convincing Khloe to do the shoot, it was all Kim. And there was a reason for that: Kim is jealous of Khloe's body. In a good way, of course. 


In the episode, Kim went over to Khloe's house when Khloe happened to be wearing a pair of tight yoga pants and a sports bra. Kim, understandably, raved about Khloe's unbelievable bod and told her that, since she's pregnant right now, it's up to Khloe to bring the "sexy" to their brand since that's not really Kourtney's thing. 

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After some convincing, Kim gets Khloe to do the shoot. And, as we all know, it came out amazingly. "You seriously look so amazing," Kim tells her sister during the photo shoot. "Like, in my life, I’ve never seen a hotter bod. And your hair looks to die. Your makeup looks to die. Clothes are to die. This is like your best shoot ever." Think what you want of Kim, but she's nothing if not insanely supportive of her family. 

The Kardashians certainly aren't everyone's cup of tea, but it's so sweet how they all support one another. Even though Kim is "jealous" of her younger sister's body right now, it's not a bad jealousy. Kim clearly is proud of Khloe and wants her to get accolades for all of her hard work. 

And that's exactly what an older sister should do. Nice work, Kim. 


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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