Camilla Parker Bowles Rumored to Have Made a Nasty Demand of Prince Harry

There's no love lost between two members of the royal family, who are reportedly so at odds with each other that they can't stop bickering. Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles is reportedly demanding that Prince Harry take a paternity test to prove Prince Charles is his father -- and that's not where the crazy ends. Harry apparently can't stand the way his stepmom torments Kate Middleton, and refuses to stand by and let it happen.

The 31-year-old prince and his sister-in-law are very close, sources say, and Harry is sick and tired of the way the Duchess of Cornwall constantly teases Kate and loves to call her a "commoner." Harry and Camilla reportedly got into a heated argument at the palace recently, and Prince William's younger sibling shouted at her, "[Kate's] more regal that you'll ever be!"

Well. Camilla apparently did not like that little insult and responded with fighting words: "Get off you high horse -- you're not even a real royal! You're the product of one of your mother's flings!"

Camilla is referring to rumors that have plagued the royal family for years: that Prince Charles is not Harry's biological father -- that even he knows it and accepts that a ginger-haired military veteran named James Hewitt, with whom Princess Diana reportedly had a relationship, is his real dad.

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A few years ago, Harry reportedly offered to take a DNA test, but Charles refused because he knew the results could create a scandal among the royals (and maybe, just maybe, because he accepted him as a son a long time ago). But insiders say Camilla won't let go and is using this bit of controversy to her advantage -- and that she repeatedly turns to this in times when she feels threatened by Kate and her relationship with Harry.

There's so much to unpack here. I really hope this is all just nonsense gossip because, if true, Camilla comes across looking like an evil, envious, and uncaring person. I don't care how much she dislikes Kate, there's no excuse to bring up Harry's past. And, if there is any truth to the rumor that he isn't Charles's biological son, that doesn't mean Charles hasn't developed genuine paternal feelings toward him over the years. I would hope Charles is pulling Camilla aside and demanding that she knock it off with the hurtful insults.

As for Kate's relationship with Harry, it's fantastic to hear she has a strong ally in the royal family. Given these rumors, it sounds like she needs one!


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