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15 Times Kate Middleton Kicked Off Her Heels in Favor of Flats (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonShe's known as the Duchess of Cambridge, but Kate Middleton has also become quite the fashion icon since marrying Prince William.

And despite being known for making appearances in her glamorous dresses and heels, occasionally Kate puts on a pair of flats and looks just as glam. Even a princess deserves to give her feet a break from time to time. Check it out!

Image via Splash News

Image via Paul Hadfield/Splash News

1Bag Lady

Before she lived in a castle, Kate walked home to her apartment in London. Flats required!

Image via Paul Hadfield/Splash News


Kate takes London, and some takeout, in flats!

Image via Matt Keeble/Splash News

4Umbrella Policy

Kate's caught without an umbrella!

Image via Paul Hadfield/Splash News

5Take a Walk

On her way home from work, Kate stays comfortable but cute in these flats and jeans.

Image via Keeble/Robinson/Splash News

6Given the Boot

Kate takes a walk in London in one of her favorite pairs of boots.

Image via Pacemaker Press / Splash News

8Stick in the Mud

Kate figured out how to avoid ruining a heel in the grass. She wore flat boots!

Image via Matt Keeble / Splash News

9Forever Plaid

No wonder why Kate's smiling. She's not wearing heels!

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11Blushing Bride

Out on a shopping trip, Kate stays comfortable in boots.

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12Hot Feet

Kate keeps her feet warm for a rainy walk through London.

Image via Robinson/Keeble/Splash News

14Window Shopping

While out shopping in London, Kate stayed casual and chic. 

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