Ashton Kutcher Is Really Excited to Share One of His Passions With Baby Wyatt

ashton kutcherHaving an excuse to get excited about new children's movies is one of the best parts about being a new parent, and Ashton Kutcher is no different! Sure, daughter Wyatt is only 1, but that doesn't mean she's too young to watch the upcoming Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory -- even if she will have to wait a little while! 


The movie isn't coming out until June 2016 (which is probably a good thing, since Wyatt will be more likely to sit in one place for the entire length of a film by then), but that didn't stop Kutcher from enthusiastically sharing the trailer on Facebook with the caption "Glad I have someone to take to this now."

Awwww! Seems like Kutcher is definitely well into the swing of the fatherhood thing by now, to be sure. Even though he and wife Mila Kunis have largely kept Wyatt out of the public eye since her birth, Kutcher also shared a pic of a little girl who everybody's pretty sure is probably Wyatt on Instagram on November 8:

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All together now: Awww! Toddlerhood is such a magical time, and it goes by so quickly. Ashton and Mila should definitely take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the adorableness that comes their way -- and talking fish movies definitely fall into that category!

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Just in case you haven't seen it, here's the trailer Ashton is so psyched about:

Okay, Ashton, it does look ridiculously cute. I totally get why you're psyched. And based on the reaction my own 1-year-old had when I showed it to him, I think Wyatt's gonna be pretty into it, too!

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