Julianne Moore Is Addicted to Social Media Just Like the Rest of Us

julianne mooreI'd like to think that celebrities are just like us, but then I think of someone like Julianne Moore and cannot imagine her dealing with mishaps like locking herself out of her house or having her credit card declined. I'd also think that this A-lister doesn't waste time on social media -- she must be busy reading Oscar-worthy scripts instead, right? Wrong. As it turns out, Julianne Moore has a Twitter addiction.


Fifty-four-year-old Julianne has two teenage kids -- her son Caleb is 17 and her daughter Liv is 13. So, movie work aside, this mom has her hands full. But she isn't one of those Hollywood people who lets everyone else do everything for her -- she's fully involved with all that her kids do, and loves to bake cornbread. But her guilty pleasure and not-so-secret addiction is Twitter.

Twitter?! Let's all follow her right now at _juliannemoore.

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As for who she follows, Julianne keeps up with comedians and news outlets. I can just see her hunched over her phone while waiting in the pickup line to get her daughter from school and scrolling through Twitter. Then maybe she sees something that infuriates her and she starts typing away with fury. Isn't that how many of us do it? (I'm a thumbs-only phone typer -- I'm guessing she is, too.)

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Twitter and every social media thing out there is a total time suck. I threaten to quit Facebook at least once a week. But I only make those threats to myself. And it probably will never happen because I am a true social media addict, much like Julianne. Hmm. Suddenly, I feel so much better since I'm in good company.


Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

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