Lamar Odom's Recovery Seems to Be Slowing Down (VIDEO)

khloe kardashianIn the first weeks following Lamar Odom's devastating overdose, it seemed as if his family and friends (namely, the Kardashians) were hopeful about his eventual recovery. But the latest news seems to suggest that Lamar won't ever be close to the same person he once was -- and that Lamar's still very seriously impaired, even unable to recognize visitors he's known for years!


TMZ is reporting that his progression has slowed down, and that he's only able to speak words occasionally. At times, it's said he seems "empty," and his mobility is extremely limited. Doctors fear his brain damage is "significant."

And of course his still-wife Khloe Kardashian is concerned, too. As she told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview set to air on Monday, November 16, Lamar doesn't even know how he ended up in the hospital in the first place.

“We tell him that he had a brain injury, but we can’t tell him how that brain injury was caused, because that will set him back,” she said (that "how" would be overdosing on a combination of cocaine, herbal Viagra, and alcohol while staying at a brothel). 

“He never asks why he’s here. He doesn’t ask,” she said.

“He’s really confused a lot -- sometimes he knows who the president is and his birthday, and sometimes he thinks he’s 26, and I say I bet you wish you were 26, so do I!”

Sad. And scary. It definitely does sound as if Lamar has a long way to go, and that his sister-in-law Kim might have been right when she recently said she doesn't know if "he'll ever be the same again." Check out this preview clip of Khloe's interview:

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It's a tough situation, to be sure. But at least Lamar is surrounded by people who love and support him no matter what. Here's to a recovery that's as speedy as possible.


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