Scott Disick Spent the Night at Kourtney Kardashian's House

scott disickWell, that was fast. According to a new report, Scott Disick spent the night at Kourtney Kardashian's on Wednesday. The Lord, who recently left the Malibu rehab facility where he was being treated for addiction, was spotted driving into Kourt's gated community this week and didn't leave until the next morning. Are these two seriously getting back together already?


Evidently, not quite yet. Scott's visit was more about the kids than Kourtney. A source told Hollywood Life that Scott was there to see Mason, Penelope, and Reign. The kids visited him a few times in rehab, so it was probably nice to see their dad in a comfortable, familiar setting. Also, Kourtney apparently wasn't even there. She was out for a girls' night and didn't get home until late, and, as usual, she and Scott didn't sleep in the same room. 

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If this story is true, I've gotta say: It's awfully nice of Kourtney to let Scott stay over and spend quality time with the kids when she wasn't around. Though I am a bit curious if Scott was alone with the children, as it's been reported numerous times that she doesn't trust Scott alone with the kids. 

If Kourtney and Scott can have a civilized, adult relationship, that's great. They have three kids together after all. But, hopefully nobody -- especially the little ones -- is getting the wrong idea here. A sleepover is pretty intense. 

That said, glad to hear things are on the up and up with Scott. Hopefully, he keeps up whatever he's doing and stays clean, regardless of what happens with Kourtney. Good luck, buddy. 


Image via MSA/Splash News

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