Kate Middleton's Weight Reportedly Has the Royal Family Worried

In the eyes of the public, the Duchess of Cambridge has an enviable figure: the 33-year-old mom of two is even more svelte than she was in her twenties. But Kate Middleton's skinny frame reportedly has Prince William and Queen Elizabeth so worried that they're taking an extreme measure to ensure she stays healthy. 


Kate has always been slender, and as an advocate for healthy eating, organic foods, and fitness, she never seems to have a problem losing weight when she wants — even just weeks after giving birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. She leaves everyone gasping when she shows up at events looking spectacular in every designer gown she chooses, from cocktail-length dresses to dramatic, sheer gowns.

But, apparently, there's more to the story about Kate's weight (rumor has it she weighs 98 pounds) than anyone knows. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly so concerned about the possibility that she is suffering from an eating disorder that she has ordered doctors to secretly visit her at Anmer Hall and assess her health. After living through Princess Diana's heartbreaking battle with anorexia, the Queen wants to help Kate early enough, before she becomes completely obsessed with dieting and allows it to consume her life, family, and mental well-being.

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Prince William is also reportedly begging his wife to stop dieting and is trying to convince her that she has lost enough weight after Charlotte's birth. Recent photos showing the princess looking very thin at events has the public wondering whether there is truth to these rumors.

Of course, the palace isn't talking. Royal insiders insist that Kate is simply a health buff, and her friends say they believe the people making up these rumors are just jealous because Kate was able to lose her baby weight with hardly any effort.

Struggling with an eating disorder is nothing short of hell on earth; I truly hope Kate is not battling anorexia or bulimia but rather is just naturally slender, fit, and healthy. It has to be incredibly stressful for her to constantly deal with scrutiny from the public about her appearance — I'm sure she knows she'd be mocked in a second if she gained too much weight (whatever that means), and the ability to find a healthy balance isn't always easy.

If there is any truth to this talk, there's at least one positive aspect to it all: It sounds like Kate is surrounded by family members who love and care for her health, and that she will be inundated with offers of help.


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