20 Crazy Things Celebrities Did While Tipsy (PHOTOS)

It happens to lots of people, even celebrities: Every once in a while, you have one drink too many, and things get a little out of hand. One minute life is a party, and the next there's a video of you making a fool of yourself all over the internet.



Here are 20 celebrities whose crazy actions while drunk made headlines. 


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  • Mel Gibson


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    Longtime fan favorite Mel Gibson fell from grace after details of a racist rant during a 2006 drunk driving arrest were leaked to the public. Gibson, who was driving with an open alcoholic container, blamed Jews for starting all wars. The actor apologized and entered rehab, but his career has never recovered.

  • Andy Dick


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    Comic and Comedy Central roast regular Andy Dick has a long history with alcohol and drug abuse. He's been arrested several times for drunkeness, as well as groping and exposing himself. In one infamous incident, he was charged with sexual assault for pulling down a 17-year-old girl's top while he was drunk; he later peed on himself to protest his arrest. A rehab veteran, here's hoping he gets back on the wagon permanently.

  • Ben Affleck


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    Doing interview after interview to promote a movie must have gotten to Ben Affleck. While chatting with a TV reporter about Jersey Girl, a seemingly drunk Affleck asked the female reporter to sit on his lap and proceeded to get handsy and nuzzle on her neck. 

  • Reese Witherspoon



    Even America's Sweetheart can get a little tipsy sometimes. In 2013 Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, were pulled over by Atlanta police, who arrested Toth for drunk driving. She went a little nuts, asking the police officer if he knew her name. Whether he did or not, he arrested her for disorderly conduct and Witherspoon later apologized.

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  • Lindsay Lohan


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    Former child star Lindsay Lohan's addiction and legal problems are both numerous and well documented. But in one particularly weird incident, she was involved in a car chase as she tried to catch up to the mother of her former assistant. The woman freaked out and called police. Lohan later pled guilty to driving under the influence.  

  • Matthew McConaughey


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    When police rolled up to Matthew McConaughey's house in the middle of the night, responding to a neighbor's complaint of loud noises, they peeped through a window and saw the actor playing bongos—as naked as the Lord made him, as the Texas native might say. They also smelled marijuana and when the cops searched the house, an intoxicated McConaughey was arrested for drug possession (later dropped) and resisting arrest. He spent the night in jail.

  • Jennifer Lawrence


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    When you're at a party and drunker than Miley Cyrus, you know you've gone too far. Jennifer Lawrence copped to throwing up on powerhouse manager Guy Oseary's front porch during an Oscar after-party he co-hosted with Madonna. 

  • Shia LaBeouf


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    Transformers star Shia LaBeouf has practically made a career out of doing strange things in public, but chasing a homeless man through Times Square? Classic. LaBeouf was drunk on a lot of whiskey when he stepped out of the bar to smoke, and struck up a conversation with a homeless Marine, who freaked out when someone photographed the pair  and ran off. A concerned LeBeouf chased him, trying to calm him down, to no avail. LaBeouf was later arrested at a Broadway performance of Cabaret for being loud and disruptive.   

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  • Anna Nicole Smith


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    Blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith was rolling on champagne and ecstasy when she gave a memorable speech at the 2003 American Music Awards. Introducing Kanye West, she slurred her speech, paused awkwardly, touched her breasts, and asked the audience if they liked her body. Three years later, she was dead of an accidental overdose. 

  • Jimmy Fallon


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    Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon cut his hand on a bottle of Jagermeister after he threw it and fell on the broken pieces. Fallon had accepted Harvard's Lampoon Award and was partying when it happened. He reportedly got up and asked for another shot of Jager. He was bandaged up at a local hospital.

  • Britney Spears


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    During a trip to Las Vegas, Britney Spears and childhood pal Jason Alexander indulged in so much alcohol and "party favors," they ended up married. It only lasted for 55 hours, by which time her managers and lawyers stepped in to have the deed undone. 

  • Scott Disick


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    Kourtney Kardashian's ex and father to her three kids has struggled publicly with alcoholism and entered rehab several times. In one particularly sad incident, he was "a drunken mess" at a charity event meet-and-greet in Montreal, arriving so late that paying guests were offered a refund. He also famously shoved money into a Las Vegas waiter's mouth while intoxicated during a famous episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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  • Danny DeVito


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    Blame it on the limoncello. Danny DeVito had drunk a lemon tree's worth of the strong Italian liquor with George Clooney when he later went on The View, still hammered. Walking in lopsidedly and slurring his speech, he went on to call President George W. Bush a "numb nuts" and shared a story about getting busy with then-wife Rhea Perlman in the White House. He actually capitalized on the infamous appearance by launching his own limoncello line, complete with scratch and sniff label. 

  • Justin Bieber


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    The singer combined alcohol, pot, prescription drugs, and drag racing in Miami Beach in 2014. Police busted him racing his Lamborghini against a Ferrari down a residential street and he was arrested for DUI, driving without a valid license, and resisting arrest. After posting bail, he climbed atop his Escalade and waved to fans. He later apologized to fans for being arrogant.

  • Robert Downey Jr.


    Image © Faye Sadou/UPA/Retna Ltd./Corbis

    It's hard to believe that at one point in his career, Robert Downey Jr. was better known for his addictions than his acting. He made international headlines when he was found passed out in his neighbor's child's bed after a drug-induced blackout. The arrest came just a day after he was busted for drunk driving, and being in possession of cocaine, heroin, and a concealed weapon. It would take the actor another five years of busts and jail time before he would get his life in order and make a career comeback. 

  • Sharon Osbourne


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    When then-boyfriend Ozzy Osbourne asked Sharon how much she loved him, she proved it by slashing one of her wrists. Drunk and high at the time, Sharon cut too deeply and ended up on lockdown in a hospital after being suspected of attempting suicide. She still has the scar to prove the incident, which she recently showed off on TV. 

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  • Stephen King


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    His myriad bestselling books are testament to Stephen King's immense talent. He even wrote one of his best-known works, Cujo, about a killer dog, while so drunk that he didn't remember working on it. Not that King, now sober, is proud of that, as he wrote in On Writing: "I barely remember writing [it] at all. I don't say that with pride or shame, only a vague sense of sorrow and loss. I wish I could remember enjoying the good parts as I put them down on the page."   

  • Mariah Carey


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    The R&B diva has had her share of weird public behavior. One of them happened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she won the Breakthrough Actress award for her turn in Precious. During her acceptance speech, she asked the audience to forgive her for her strange behavior: "I'm a little bit..." she said. When the audience shouted "drunk!" she finished her thought. "Yeah..."

  • Keifer Sutherland


    Image © Fred Thornhill/Reuters/Corbis

    24 actor Keifer Sutherland had been hitting the sauce at a London hotel when he tackled a Christmas tree in the lobby. The man v. tree incident was captured by a crew filming a documentary that Sutherland was part of. He later mocked the incident in his own Christmas cards.  

  • Tara Reid


    Image © Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Corbis

    American Pie actress Tara Reid, who rose to fame in that now-classic comedy, is more of a professional partier than actress at this point. Her stumbling-drunk club exits are legendary and well documented, including one in which she fell down on the street in St. Tropez, knocking down a motorcycle on her way to kissing the asphalt.   

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