Josh & Anna Duggar Have Plans for Baby #5

Let's file this under one of the worst ideas ever. According to a source, Josh Duggar's big plans for keeping Anna from divorcing his sorry butt is to impregnate her with a fifth child.


Yeah, apparently the 19 Kids and Counting star, who's in rehab for sex addiction, thinks that the way to solve all his marital problems is to put another baby in Anna's belly.

A source told Hollywood Life that Josh has become paranoid that Anna will leave him (for good reason, you two-timer!), but believes that he can persuade her to stay with him if they have another baby. The insider revealed, "He's been begging her not to leave him and that they were meant to have another baby."

The couple, both 27, have been married since 2008, and already have four adorable kiddos, Mackynzie, 6, Michael, 4, Marcus, 2, and Meredith, 4 months. Hasn't this poor woman already had enough of his children? While a baby is always a blessing (especially to the Duggars), this is a terrible idea.


Thankfully, it seems as though someone is keeping her wits about her, and "getting pregnant is the last thing on Anna's mind," according to the source.

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She's been single-momming it the last few months since Josh was exposed as a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater in the Ashley Madison hack, and she knows that "having another child is not going to fix their marriage." I knew I liked that woman.

Yes, couples can come back from infidelity -- but having a baby isn't the way to do that. Sorry, but Josh is going to have to actually change and kiss Anna's dainty feet and beg her to take him back if he wants her to even consider it.


Image via Kris Connor/Contributor/Getty Images

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