Drop Everything & Watch Missy Elliot's Epic 'WTF' Comeback (VIDEO)

Missy Elliott is back with her first video in seven years, "WTF." It's fresh, funky, and features ferocious Missy, who at 44 just proved there's plenty of room in pop culture for chicks of a certain age who aren't mostly naked. Yay!


Missy has always challenged the way women are depicted in rap, and as a grown-ass woman doing her thing all these years later, she's better than ever.

Missy first shows up on the scene in a sparkly mirrored tracksuit and matching candy-coated lips.

Who other than a woman over 40 would be able to pay homage to Biggie Smalls and make a Drake reference in the same video? Fantastic.

You think chicks can't dance over 40? You haven't seen Missy in "WTF," which stands for "Where They From," incidentally.

The track also features Pharrell. In the video he's a dirty-dancing marionette. I don't get it either, but it's rad. Just go with it.

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There's also this trippy dance routine in what looks like a huge ice cube tray or something.

Check out this super cool effect where Missy is decked out in full 1980s gear and makeup and when she spins around she looks like she has two faces. Crazy.

But the best part of the video was the dance routine on the two-wheel skateboards! 

Here's the whole video for "WTF (Where They From)" ft. Pharrell Williams.


Image via Atlantic Records/YouTube

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