Kate Middleton Gives Pippa Middleton the Job of a Lifetime

Living life as the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister isn't all chocolate and roses, as Pippa Middleton knows all too well. It's difficult to find a boyfriend who isn't intimidated by the paparazzi, and every career move you make is seriously scrutinized. But the 32-year-old may finally get the break she's been longing for -- Kate Middleton may reportedly hire Pippa to head up a new organic food brand she is in the process of developing.


Pippa is well-known for being a health and fitness enthusiast and recently decided to pursue another degree in nutrition. Coincidentally (perhaps), Kate and William came up with the cool idea of starting their own organic food line using fresh produce grown at their country estate Anmer Hall in Norfolk, England. Similar to how Prince Charles created the Duchy Originals organic line, which features 200 products that come from his Cornwall home, Kate and Will would use the proceeds of their products to support charities and the royal family, while promoting healthy living.

It makes total sense to hear Pippa's name attached to this project, given her knowledge of healthy foods. Kate's little sister is reportedly "loosely" involved in developing the line and will probably stay on to work for the Anmer Organics range. The fact that her first party-planning book didn't sell well and that a possible TV stint in the U.S. never materialized has probably fueled Pippa's desire to work with Kate, but even if those ventures panned out for her, it sounds like this opportunity is right up her alley.

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I have to admit that I feel for Pippa sometimes. Sure, she's had more opportunities than most, thanks to Kate and her family's connections -- but it's also easy for people to dismiss her as someone who is trying to ride on Kate's coattails. In reality, she isn't begging her sister for a job -- she's back in school, working hard to become a nutritionist, and not someone who expects jobs to be handed to her because of her last name.

And why wouldn't Kate prefer to work with a person whom she trusts and loves?


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