See What Prince George Will Look Like When He's a Grown Man (PHOTO)

There are few things more terrifying than aging software that can predict what you'll look like in 50 or 60 years -- rarely do you look at a person's "after" photo and think: gorgeous! Poor Kate Middleton and Prince William can now say they know what Prince George will look like when he's an older man, thanks to a team of researchers from the University of Bradford who used the software to, I'm guessing, try to scare the daylights out of his parents.


Research leader Hassan Ugail explained that the computer takes specific facial features like nose length and the distance between the eyes and uses them, as well as parental information, to age the subject. Ugail and his team were able to come up with this photo that shows what they believe the young prince will look like in 2073, when he turns 60:

I don't think he looks bad, he just looks so different from the little plump-cheeked cherub we all know and love -- which is obviously bound to happen considering he's a few decades older in the after photo and has obviously had oodles of time to lose his baby fat. Royal fans are saying he resembles actor Liam Neeson, which is certainly not a bad thing.

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If you're wondering about the accuracy of this software, Ugail puts it at about 80 percent and says unpredictable factors like one's environment and diet also affect how we age.

And, yes, the researchers also put Princess Charlotte through the computerized aging process -- and she remains blonde and gorgeous and perfect forever.


Image via Splash News

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